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July 31, 2020

Bentley enters the venous world with the launch and First-in-Man for the BeYond venous

Bentley announces the receipt of the CE Mark for its BeYond venous Self-Expanding Stent System, launching it first for commercial sale and clinical use in Europe. The launch will be limited to an exclusive circle of leading venous experts to gain first-hand experience with this novel device. A full availability is expected for beginning of 2021.

The BeYond is an open-cell Nitinol stent, indicated for acute and chronic symptomatic obstructions of the femoral or iliac vein. It comes with a wide range of diameters from 10 to 18 mm and lengths up to 150 mm. With its optimized balance between radial force and flexibility, the BeYond allows accurate positioning and exact landing zones in venous interventions.

As a result of thrombosis, venous obstruction is a wide-spread disease. Together with heart attack and stroke, it is the leading cause of death in Western Europe. In Germany alone, more than 100.000 people die annually from the consequences of venous thrombosis. The endovascular therapy for venous disease has developed rapidly in the past few years, especially with the development of dedicated venous stent systems that meet the special requirements of the venous system.

“Although there are already products on the market that seem to be developed especially for veins, Bentley got the clinical feedback that these stents are not ideal yet – either they are too stiff or too flexible, both of which can reduce patient outcomes.” states Martijn Nugteren, Director Sales & Marketing at Bentley. “To overcome current shortcomings, we put the best of both worlds into the design of the BeYond venous.”

Venous stenting is proven to have a positive impact on the quality of life, especially of young and active people. The BeYond venous is designed to respect the natural venous anatomy to ensure the optimal balance between radial force, flexibility and deployment behaviour.

Contact: Kerstin Stotz, Communication & Event Coordinator,, +49 7471 984 995 59

First-in-Man of the BeYond Venous Stent performed in the European Venous Centre Aachen-Maastricht by Dr. Houman Jalaie, Mohammad Barbati, Dr. Long (China) & Philippe Charbonneau (Montréal/ Canada).

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March 13, 2020

Latest news on SARS-CoV2-Virus

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January 29, 2020

Bentley and Cook Medical announce collaboration

Bloomington, Ind./Hechingen – Cook Medical and Bentley InnoMed GmbH today announced that they are collaborating in clinical trials involving Cook’s fenestrated and branch stent grafts and Bentley’s covered stents!

Right: Mark Breedlove, Vice President Vascular Division, Cook Medical

Left: Sebastian Büchert, CEO, Bentley

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January 1, 2020

Bentley France gets dedicated direct to customer sales force this New Year

Bentley is marketing directly to its customers in France, moving from an agency arrangement to one with a dedicated team of seven sales representatives and a country sales manager, from January 1st, 2020.

Philippe Rozet, Country Sales Manager for France has 13 years of history working with balloon expandable covered stents in France. As well as Bentley’s range of peripheral covered stents, he will also oversee sales for the two other products in the portfolio: the BeGraft coronary stent and the BeSmooth peripheral stent (bare metal). Mr. Rozet is based in Paris and together with his team, he will nurture relationships with vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, cardiologists, pharmacists and financial management within hospitals.

In France more than 600 physicians are active with endovascular procedures. “Our agents did a great job giving Bentley’s product portfolio a good footprint within the French market but their sales team still had to split their time and focus between the Bentley products and the other medical products they are distributing. I strongly believe that with a dedicated team we can increase our service and have more focus on the exclusive product portfolio that Bentley offers,” said Mr. Martijn Nugteren, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bentley.

“The French market has one of the highest penetrations of covered stent use in the world,” remarked Martijn Nugteren. “This is one reason why we decided to go direct to this market. With a dedicated sales force there will be a greater focus with 100% of representatives’ time spent on Bentley products,” he added.

Physicians are pushing the boundaries of clinical practice with Bentley stents, so the team in the field needs to have a significant amount of expert knowledge making sure that the best possible service can be provided, he added.

Mr. Rozet also commented on the new arrangement: “Bentley products are growing quickly in France and by going direct to our customers we intend to be more present in the market and optimise the level of supply and services”.

France is being added to a growing list of countries with dedicated sales teams as Bentley grows in size. These countries comprise Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. “It is always foremost in our minds to maximise the contact interface with physicians” said Mr. Nugteren.

Pleased to welcome Mr. Rozet to Bentley, Mr. Nugteren said: “I know Philippe from the previous company where we worked together on covered stents, Philippe has a huge network, is a very strong team builder with a positive drive, and is dedicated to ensuring that his team works optimally and build success for Bentley and the brand in France,” he added.

“I see this as a new and exciting challenge to build the Bentley brand by a direct approach” Mr. Rozet commented.  “With the team that we recruited I am more than positive that we will succeed and that we can show the society in France what we at Bentley have to offer.”

Contact:  Kerstin Stotz, Communication & Event Coordinator,, +49 7471 984 995 59

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December 20, 2019

Bentley employees donate to charity supporting children with cancer and their families

Last winter the Christmas market in Hechingen took place on the 3rd weekend of the Pre-Christmas season. Among all the colourfully decorated Christmas stands one was outstanding - the blue Bentley stand.

With joy, the Bentley employees voluntarily sold mulled wine, children's punch and waffles – and this was all for a good cause. Bentley did not only donate the proceeds, but the employees also made their contribution by donating their working hours. As in the previous year, the entire donation amount went to the Verein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V., which supports children with cancer as well as the families.

Thanks to a good suggestion from a Bentley employee, the fundraising campaign was extended to all other employees of the company. Everyone was able to donate part of his or her accumulated overtime hours or even vacation days on a voluntary basis. This summed up in more than hundred hours.

Inspired by the generosity of their own employees, the management decided to double the value of the donated hours. As a result, the donation was more than tripled compared to last year’s donation. At the end the amount rose to an impressive 21,888.68 €. On 20th of December, the donation cheque was handed over personally by the managing director Sebastian Büchert and Maria Linda Colucci, Assistant of Directors.

Knowing that the money will be used for a good cause, Bentley will certainly take part in the Christmas market again next year.

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October 15, 2019

Hechingen-based medical technology company Bentley is FOCUS Growth Champion 2020

HECHINGEN – The success story continues. Following on from Bentley celebrating its tenth anniversary this summer, the company is now marking the next highlight in its short history – the Hechingen-based medical technology company has been named FOCUS Growth Champion 2020. Together with Statista, one of the world’s biggest online statistics platforms, the magazine FOCUS searched for the top 500 companies to have achieved a high percentage of sales growth between 2015 and 2018. Only companies with their headquarters in Germany were considered in the ranking.

The stent producer Bentley took first place in the area of electrical and medical technology. ‘We are delighted to be awarded as FOCUS Growth Champion 2020. Being such a young company, we are very proud to have received this award,’ says Sebastian Büchert, CEO of Bentley.

Bentley has developed rapidly since being founded by Lars Sunnanväder and Miko Obradovic in 2009. A key growth driver has been the fact that doctors and hospitals are becoming more and more technically skilled in the area of minimally invasive surgery, with the ever older patients then having a greater chance of recovery and survival with endovascular treatment than with conventional open surgery.

Bentley develops and produces its products exclusively in Germany – a quality hallmark that is to be retained in the future. To this day, the stent producer has successfully launched five products that are distributed in more than 70 countries around the world.

Bentley owes its strong growth not only to its innovative products and demographic developments, but also and above all to its committed and talented employees. ‘We already have a workforce of more than 160 and have evolved into an attractive employer in the region. The employee headcount has increased almost fourfold over the past three years. The large number of new employee hires has allowed us to handle the high demand for our products and further increase our sales growth,’ emphasises Büchert. A key cornerstone of this success has been last year’s inauguration of the new production facility together with an administrative building. The new site reflects the company’s growth and success and serves as home to all the corporate functions, from R&D, quality assurance and production to administration, customer service and training.

Strong growth offers a company a lot of opportunities, but also presents it with unforeseen challenges. ‘It is important to us that we remain transparent on all levels and promote interaction in spite of our growing structures, as this is and will continue to be Bentley’s greatest success factor.’ The medical technology company is fully aware that happy employees are the key to its success. Bentley therefore offers its staff various benefits such as annual profit participation, inter-company team events, regular excursions and health promotion measures such as a gym, free fruit and subsidised massages.

The company, which sees further growth opportunities in the years to come, intends to remain focused on the well-being of its employees in the future in order to further establish itself as an attractive employer within the region.

Contact: Kerstin Stotz, Communication & Event Coordinator,, +49 (0)7471 984 99559

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June 29, 2019

Bentley celebrates employee contribution on its 10th anniversary

HECHINGEN - Bentley, a global leader in the development of innovative treatments for vascular diseases, celebrated its tenth anniversary on June, 29th 2019.

It is a story of remarkable global expansion driven by a dedicated workforce and an innovative product base that has seen core endovascular staples, like the widely-used BeGraft peripheral stent, sit alongside niche products, notably the investigational BeGrow for treating newborns with pulmonary artery stenosis.

Started in 2009 by Lars Sunnanväder and Miko Obradovic, the company now has over 150 employees, and an enviable track record of product development and manufacture with five devices for endovascular intervention commercially available in over 70 countries.

Sunnanväder and Obradovic stepped away from operational roles last year, and now, together with other members, form the advisory board for Bentley InnoMed GmbH. Since this time, Sebastian Büchert, has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bentley.

“Employees are the lifeblood of this company, and the growth we have witnessed is down to their commitment,” Büchert said. “In the past couple of months, the company has hired three to seven new people every month reflecting the exceptional growth of the company in recent years.”

In fact, 33% of the total workforce works in product development, quality assurance and market access. “This is extraordinarily high and nearly double what is seen in other medical device companies. This is the reason for our rapid product development and speed at which we bring products to market,” emphasised the CEO.

Asked what he believed had contributed to Bentley’s rapid and robust growth, Büchert highlighted, “Bentley managed to attract highly qualified and talented staff to quickly develop, reliably manufacture, and successfully market a broad and innovative line of covered stents for various vascular afflictions.”

“I’ve been in the medical device industry for 25 years, but I have never experienced the level of team spirit seen here at Bentley, he remarked, adding that, “It’s never about blame, it’s about finding solutions and improving things.”

BeGraft coronary was the first product, launched in 2012, and this was followed by BeGraft peripheral in November 2013.  It was at this point that revenues really started to build and the company took off. “Even today, BeGraft peripheral remains our core product,” explained Büchert.

Since then, Bentley has launched three further products, totaling five on the market: BeSmooth peripheral (2014); BeGraft aortic (2016); and BeGraft PLUS (2017).

Bentley is the only company worldwide that offers a covered balloon expandable stent in a size range from 2.5 mm to 30 mm in diameter. “We are very successful in the development of covered stents for peripheral vessels and this is where we see the core focus of our company in the future and where we wish to expand on a global scale,” said Büchert.

Increasingly, clinics are becoming technically competent in performing endovascular surgery, explained the CEO, and with an ageing population living with multiple co-morbidities, such patients are better suited to endovascular surgery as opposed to open surgery in terms of recovery and survival. “This, together with the outstanding clinical evidence for covered stents, are the main drivers for the market growth,” noted Büchert.

In April 2018, Bentley opened new state-of-the-art headquarters marking a major milestone in Bentley’s young history and reflect its rapid growth and success. The new base houses all of Bentley’s operations, from research and development (R&D), quality assurance and manufacturing, to administration, customer service and training.

The company also has a reputation for launching products in fast sequence and in the future, it wishes to continue to stay agile and efficient in its development process. “We will continue to launch new products and this will continue to drive growth of the company,” said Büchert.

Contact:  Kerstin Stotz, Communication & Event Coordinator,, +49 7471 984 995 59

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November 12, 2018

New management for Bentley

New management for Bentley as current leaders adopt a role in the non-executive board

Both Lars Sunnanväder, existing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bentley, and Miko Obradovic, existing Technical Director and Site Manager, will adopt new advisory roles in a senior management reshuffle
Sebastian Büchert takes over as Bentley CEO; Rainer Bregulla becomes Director Research & Development; and Hartmut Grathwohl adopts the role of Director of Operations.

November 12, 2018 - Lars Sunnanväder, existing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bentley, and Miko Obradovic, existing Technical Director and Site Manager, announced today that adopting new advisory positions in the company. The changes come as Bentley moves into a new phase in recognition of a rapid and robust period of recent growth.

The changes are effective from today, and together with Annika Sunnannväder and Eurico Pacheco, Sunnanväder and Obradovic will form the executive advisory board for Bentley InnoMed GmbH, and will partially re-appoint the management and divisional management.

In an announcement to Bentley’s distribution partners and employees, Sunnanväder and Obradovic write that, “We have decided to move to a steering and advisory role and to place the operational responsibility for the company into trusted hands.”

Effective from today, Sebastian Büchert, the former Director of Sales & Marketing takes over the responsibility for the operational management of Bentley as CEO. Rainer Bregulla, will immediately adopt the position of Director Research & Development; and Hartmut Grathwohl, Bentley’s long-standing production manager, adopts the role of Director of Operations.

Sunnanväder and Obradovic were the founding members of Bentley nine years ago. They launched the company’s core product family known as BeGraft, the first product of which, the BeGraft coronary, was launched in 2012. BeGraft has been central to Bentley’s success over this time, with revenue and the number of employees having grown five-fold in the last four years alone.

Sebastian Büchert joined Bentley in November 2014, after starting his working life in Jostra AG in 1994. Jostra AG was the first of 12 companies that Sunnanväder founded. During his nine years there, he held various management positions in sales and marketing. After this Sebastian spent several different senior management roles in other companies before moving to Bentley.

Asked what he believed had contributed to Bentley’s rapid growth, Büchert said, “Bentley managed to attract highly qualified and talented staff to quickly develop, reliably manufacture and successfully market a broad and innovative line of covered and non covered stents for various vascular afflictions.”

Going forward, he highlighted that he wanted to further substantiate Bentley’s success and solid foundations, and secure the continuation of the company’s history of robust growth. “I want us to stay focused on the development of innovative products for endovascular challenges that doctors trust to improve both the clinical outcome and quality of life for the patient. Bentley shall also continue to be a company that employees enjoy working for.”

Bentley has undergone a lot of changes this year, with both a new head quarters and a state-of-the-art production facility, coupled with the significant growth in company turnover. As the new Director of Operations, Grathwohl commented on recent developments and how he planned to ensure a solid future for the company. “It has been an extraordinary year for Bentley with different operational challenges. We’ve managed to get through these with the team spirit of Bentley employees, and going forward we will continue to motivate the employees so they enjoy working for this great company,” he said. “The outlook is very good for operations, with the recent addition of people with extensive experience and talent in medical devices.”

As the company’s very first employee, Bregulla is stunned at how far Bentley has come in such a short time. “I never, in my wildest dreams, thought the company could achieve such success. It is partly scary, but also nice to see how fast Bentley it is growing, especially this past year.”

As new director of R&D, Bregulla says he will continue to work hard to ensure that they continue to bring highly innovative medical products to market in the near future, despite the increased regulatory requirements. “With this new role, I have the opportunity to use my experience in product development to best support Bentley in its global success.”

Contact: Martijn Nugteren, Director Sales & Marketing,, +31 6 188 428 91

From left: Rainer Bregulla (Director R&D), Andrew Brabner (Director of Finance & IT), Christian Bader (Director Quality & Market Access), Hartmut Grathwohl (Director Operations), Sebastian Büchert (CEO) and Martijn Nugteren (Director Sales & Marketing)

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July 3, 2018

Press Release: First-in-man as 24 day old baby receives BeGrow stent

03 July, 2018 - A 24-day old infant has received the first-in-man placement of BeGrow, a novel stent system that grows with the child, to alleviate pulmonary artery stenosis.

BeGrow is small enough to fit a newborn’s 6 mm diameter pulmonary artery, yet can be post-dilated as the child grows up to a vessel diameter of 11,5 mm (around 8-10 years of age). Beyond this diameter, the stent breaks open at pre-determined points in a controlled way. This feature makes the stent unique, and particularly suitable for when young patients transition to adults without having to experience open surgery and the associated risks.

The first-in-man procedure marks the start of the BeGrow clinical trial performed by principal investigator and interventional paediatric cardiologist, Professor Oliver Kretschmar from the Kinderspital Zurich, Switzerland.

“We have been looking for something to fulfill the need for a stent that can grow with the vessel from infant to child to adult,” remarked Professor Kretschmar. “With BeGrow, the stent ‘breaks open in a controlled way’ when it has been dilated to a diameter >11,5 mm, after which point it is designed to grow with the child’s vessel, as pig studies have shown. If needed, we could place an adult-width stent in the pulmonary artery, while BeGrow remains in situ,” he continued, noting that the clinical trial results would determine the preferred course of action in the long-term.

“The benefit of the BeGrow is that the stent can stay in the patient for the rest of their life,” he added. “Even if we add-in another stent of adult size, it is certain that we will not have to surgically remove the BeGrow, like we do with other current off-label solutions, inherently carrying a risk of vessel damage,” he said.

The BeGrow stent system should be indicated for intraluminal placement in the pulmonary arteries of newborns and infants for the treatment of pulmonary artery stenosis, an indication that meets an unmet medical need. BeGrow is balloon expandable with a low crimped profile that can be inserted and dilated at minimal pressure via the 4 French (F) compatible catheter to 6 mm expanded diameter, the width of a newborn pulmonary artery. The stent is available in lengths of 10, 13, 17, 20, and 24 mm.

The novel stent system, developed by leading vascular technology company, Bentley (Hechingen, Germany), is aimed at treating babies with congenital heart disorders, which has a prevalence of approximately one in 100 newborns in Europe. Few medical device companies have developed devices for paediatric cardiology because the market is so small.

Christian Bader is BeGrow product manager and former research and development (R&D) project leader for Bentley. “Due to the extremely small diameter of an infant’s blood vessels, there is currently only one option for these patients, which is a coronary stent,” he explained. “However, these stents can’t grow to an adult vessel diameter, hence surgical removal is required. At Bentley we have focused our research and development [R&D] on finding a solution to meet this need for paediatric cardiologists to improve the clinical outcome and quality of life for the patient.”

Expert opinion – a novel option for newborns 

“Currently, standard of care in infants comprises stents neither made nor indicated for infants. They are only designed for adults,” reflected Professor Kretschmar. “With children, especially the very young, we have to customise adult products but the diameter of these stents is restricted, and with over-dilation we lose function. We then need to add-in an adult stent, but because the size of the original stent is restricted, the vessel can remain narrowed.” The continued growth of BeGrow within the vessel wall, after 11,5 mm, is designed to overcome these issues.

A further advantage of BeGrow, Professor Kretschmar added, is the possibility of using a very small 4F vessel sheath to enter the vessel as opposed to a standard large sheath that can damage a vessel upon insertion. “The result in the first case was excellent,” he reported.

“We hope that this development means we can implant a stent at a very early age and this can grow with, and stay with, the patient for the rest of their life, but of course, long-term results need to be shown in trials,” added Professor Kretschmar.

Contact: Martijn Nugteren, Marketing Manager,, +31 6 188 428 91

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January 31, 2018

European Launch of BeGraft Peripheral Plus Stent Graft System

Bentley is very happy to welcome the next member of the BeGraft family. The BeGraft Peripheral Plus is a covered, balloon expandable stent indicated for renal and iliac arteries. It uniquely combines an extraordinary radial force with a remarkable flexibility. Bentley is optimistic that the BeGraft Peripheral  Plus will perfectly complement its peripheral product portfolio and will  offer an additional option for doctors when choosing the best possible solution for their patients. For detailed information please access the product section.

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January 25, 2016

Bentley InnoMed becomes Bentley

Bentley Innomed has decided to market its products as Bentley in the future. The Bentley name better reflects the company’s maturing Corporate Identity and reinforces its strong-growing market position in the field of endovascular medical technology.

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January 25, 2016

New Website:

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October 1, 2015

BeGraft Peripheral Stent Graft System design modifications CE-marked

Keen to further improve the BeGraft Peripheral for its customers, Bentley implements the following design modifications for the full range.

Neither of these modifications have a negative affect on the valued features of the BeGraft Peripheral, such as its low profile (6F up to 8mm), flexibility, trackability and length control. Also, they entail no whatsoever impact on the safety and efficacy of the BeGraft Peripheral for its intended use.

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October 30, 2014

CE-mark of new product line BeSmooth Peripheral Stent System

The BeSmooth Peripheral Stent System is a balloon expandable stainless steel stent with superior features, similar to the already marketed BeGraft Peripheral. The BeSmooth excels with a high radial force while maintaining high flexibility and low profile. All available sizes (diameters 5.0 - 10.0mm) are 6F introducer sheath compatible. For detailed information access the product space. The BeSmooth line should make an important contribution to Bentley’s position in the global stent market. 

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October 17, 2014

Extension of product line BeGraft Coronary

Bentley has received the CE-mark for additional stent sizes (diameters 4.5 and 5.0mm) of the BeGraft Coronary Stent Graft System. The extended product matrix enables care providers around the globe a more customizable patient treatment. 

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October 31, 2013

CE-mark for BeGraft Peripheral Stent Graft System

Bentley expands its product portfolio with the BeGraft Peripheral Stent Graft System, a covered stent indicated for the intraluminal chronic placement in iliac and renal arteries. The single-layer cobalt chromium stent graft platform combines a low crimp profile with an extraordinary flexible design. Based on its unique nature, Bentley is optimistic that the BeGraft Peripheral has the potential to become the gold standard of covered stents. For detailed information access the product space. 

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June 25, 2012

First product launch: BeGraft Coronary Stent Graft System

With the CE-mark for the BeGraft Coronary line, Bentley reaches new highs in product development. The intricate craftsmanship and innovative design make this new generation of covered stents particularly flexible, whilst guaranteeing an unprecedented low profile delivery (5F). For detailed information access the product space. 

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November 22, 2011

Bentley InnoMed receives DIN EN ISO 13485 certificate

Bentley InnoMed is proud to announce its DIN EN ISO 13485 certification. The company is now in the right to develop, manufacture and market medical products and accessories. 

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