Accurate deployment

Ensuring predictable landing zone and minimal foreshortening


Effortless Flexibility

Enhanced performance and kink resistance to adapt to the venous anatomy


Optimized Radial Force

Developed to restore reliable blood flow in the affected vessel


The BeYond Venous Self-Expanding Stent System is indicated for symptomatic obstructions of the femoral vein or iliac vein:

  • Acute iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis

  • Post-thrombotic syndrome from prior iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis

  • Chronic venous insufficiency from non-thrombotic iliofemoral vein compression such as the May Thurner syndrome or from ectatic or tortuous iliac arteries

  • Chronic venous insufficiency from cancer-related iliofemoral vein compression

The BeYond Venous Self-Expanding Stent System is not available in the US.